Race Starts In 245 Days

23 - 29 September 2018
6 stages, 7 days • Self-supported foot race • 170 Miles (273 km)

Opdahl, Peter - USA

Superbly organized and designed race -- You'll never more enjoy getting your ass kicked so hard.

- Peter Opdahl, USA

Colon, Laurie - USA

Best race and best race directors! So much fun!

- Laurie Colon, USA

Sandy Suckling, Australia

G2G.....WOW ...epic, challenging and breathtaking....We all started out as strangers and ended the week as one big family. How lucky I have been to experience such an incredible event. I went away feeling like I had discovered just a bit more about myself and truly believe when you think you can't you really can..... Just Dream Big. Thank you everyone for making the week so special.

- Sandy Suckling, Australia - First Female, G2G 2015

Koscielski, Joel - USA

I attempted this in 2016, didn't make it all the way but even so it is a memory I will keep forever, can't wait to go back and try again, highly recommend and can't say enough good things about the people that volunteer and organize this.

- Joel Koscielski, USA

Tommy (Yen-Po) Chen, Taiwan

I join many races but have never had this sweet feeling before.
I enjoyed G2G so much - it was a lovely run.
The staff is perfectly organized, the medical team is very professional and the volunteers are very passionate.
This is definitely the best ultra marathon race.

- Tommy Chen, Taiwan, Winner of the G2G Ultra 2015